Special fCH lamps in Puertos, Escobar

Puertos is the development of a new city in Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires, made up of 12 private neighborhoods of single-family homes. The Service Center is the first public building of the project, located in front of the main lagoon. It is a building with walkable galleries around its entire perimeter, designed by Torrado Arquitectos. The project includes two lamps from the fCH collection.

Hanging in their original version, the Pluvial lamps were adapted to function as ceiling lamps. A special development was made from the Pluvial table lamp. A pivoting support frees up space on the work surface and allows the screen to be rotated in order to orient the lighting focus.


Services Center, Puertos Escobar,

Project design: Torrado Arquitectos

Development: Consultatio 

photos: Javier Agustín Rojas