Federico Churba Studio in arteBA 2018

fCH en arteBA 18

For the sixth consecutive year, Federico Churba studio takes part into arteBA with equipment developed for a variety of sectors of the renowned contemporary art fair.

“Isla de Ediciones” the editorial section sponsored by Fundación PROA, will be fully equipped with furniture in steel resulting of the partnership between Federico Churba and Ternium. For this sector, a series of tables of various sizes and exhibition panels were created to display publications. “Isla de Ediciones” also proposes a series of lectures and round tables, which required the development of a table for the speakers and a number of benches and stools for the audience.

The access areas have also been equipped with pieces developed from steel sheets: stools, counters and a series of partitions produced in perforated steel sheets which contain the whole, while maintaining visual lightness.
This year, two rest areas: the “Contemporaries Square” and “Solo Show” are also equipped with banks of steel design by Federico Churba studio. These areas are completed with “Corchea” side tables and “Bienvenida” lamps, both pieces are part of the fCH furniture and lighting collection.

The pieces specially developed for arteBA were produced through simple operations of cutting and bending of steel painted sheet, playing with the metaphor of the cutting and folding sheets of paper.


arteBA 2018
May, 24th / 27th
La Rural Exhibitions Center,
Buenos Aires

plaza-animada fCH arteBA2018