Federico Churba, Ternium Siderar and Fundación PROA together in arteBA

For the fifth consecutive year, Federico Churba design studio was in charge of the development of the equipment for “Isla de Ediciones” the area sponsored by Fundación PROA, one of the most renowned contemporary art venues in Argentina. This is the second time that Ternium Siderar provides the steel from which all the pieces were manufactured. This year the Studio also produced equipment for the two main entrances and one of the rest areas.

Creating with steel

The requirements program is related the functions of the different spaces to be equipped: the bookstore, the central exhibition for editorials, formed by tables and exhibition panels and the auditorium. This year the development of counters and panels for the access areas and equipment to one of the rest zones were incorporated.

The objective was to generate visually light and neutral pieces. The steel was transformed through simple cutting and folding processes. This provides the ensemble a language that brings it closer to the logic of the folding of the paper. The use of perforated steel sheets also responds to the idea of generating ethereal pieces and the white coloring is also aligned with the idea of the sheet of paper.

Same material, different interpretations

This is the second time that Federico Churba design studio and Ternium Siderar work together in the production of the equipment for “Isla de Ediciones”. On the previous collaboration, the idea was to work the material in raw state. Tubes of different shapes and sizes were used, stacking and rotating them to achieve volumes: a game between the full and the empty, the openness and closed.

The comparison between the two experiences proves the versatility of the steel and the possibilities it provides for the development of products. Through simple operations – such as those used in both experiences – pieces with very different languages can be produced.