We want to present you Autovía, the first collection to initiate HAUSPACK, Argentina’s first contemporary design brand to offer high quality and ready-to-assemble furniture for every day life. We created a special proposal that stands out for its ease of assembly, quality and sustainability of materials.

“The highway was my starting point for the design of Autovía collection, I felt inspired by the way in which you go back and forth. We wanted to materialize HAUSPACK philosophy through lines that can reflect dynamism, quality and flexibility and also the intention of the brand: HAUSPACK quickly helps you to get to the place you want” says Federico Churba who’s also the brand Creative Director.

“HAUSPACK has been an interesting challenge. I have been designing for international brands for a few years, so I try transfer my expertise using design as a tool to provide democratic equipment and allowing people to enjoy while becoming part of the assembly process” adds Churba.

The collection is composed by a series of diverse furniture pieces, ideal for both: home and office. “We resolved structural parts of the furniture by using simple metallic structure and Masisa melamine panels without interfering in the formal synthesis of each design” explains Federico Churba.

You can find Autovía all along Argentina through online and retail shops such as Falabella Argentina and Mercado Libre – Tienda de Diseño.