We designed for four years in a row Isla de Ediciones, a common area in arteBA, one of the most important art fairs in Latin America and a leading cultural event in Buenos Aires.

“arteBA is back, Isla de Ediciones is back but the materials have changed” says Federico Churba. “Every year arteBA comes to us with a challenging proposal: to design a functional and integrated space with a leading material. Taking this as a starting point, we designed a series of furniture that meet the requirements of use and at the same time are capable of generating an atmosphere in the environment” he adds.

This year together with Celulosa Argentina S.A., we created 1 auditorium and 2 exhibition areas using elements from the paper industry such as coils, reams and rolls among others. We had to pass through a material exploration process to generate the right equipment for the exhibitors and the space within.

On one side, we stacked reams to generate a display area for Aquiles library. In the main course, various types of vertical panels constructed from paper rolls presented 7 independent publishers. On the other side, an auditorium was created by using bigger paper rolls in different sizes.

A curatorial team formed by Mariano Mayer, Gastón Pérsico and Cecilia Szalkowicz invited publishers and independent labels to present at Isla de Ediciones their latest books, investigations and publications on contemporary art.

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